New Changes to the IFB KJV Blogroll

First of all, let me say how much I appreciate all our guest authors who post articles on the main block of text! If you are a blogroll member, you are more than welcome to receive "Author Permission" to post directly to the blogroll (this is the left hand column), just email me at If you are not a blogroll member, but are an IFB and have a blog on any topic, join our blogroll! :)

The main change today (beside the template), is that I have shortened the updates list to ten entries. This allows the front page of the blogroll to not be so very long. If you do not see your blog on the list, just make a post to your blog, and in a few minutes, your blog will be at the top of the list! The updates list will always show the ten most recently updated blogs on our blogroll. If your article has included a picture, it will be on the updates list. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

I am adding a list of all the blogs on the blogroll, since the updates gadget will no longer list them all. I am using this opportunity to check all blogs for closed blogs/moved blogs and updating to your new site. If it is not updated yet, check again in a few hours. I've also simplified the share and subscribe codes, if you are using them to get new entries emailed to you. God bless!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

All the updates show instead of just ten if you click "show all" option at the bottom of the tenth.