Links for Bloggers

Some have been mentioned here before, but all of them are helpful free resources to use for blogging.

Bible hyperlinking application, it's pretty cool, actually. It takes a verse reference, and links it to the verse in the Bible; when you mouse over the reference, the verse pops up.
Testing area:
John 3:16
John 3:16-18, 22, 25
Psalm 1:1
Ps. 1:1

These stock photos can be freely used, depending on permissions, and there are a lot of them to choose from (including the picture in this post)!

Add your blog posts to Twitter effortlessly and automatically whenever you post.

Add your blog posts to your Facebook feed - you can also set this up to publish to a page you created on Facebook (it doesn't work for groups). I use this every day, and never have to do a thing. It's very dependable, and I have used it for quite some time.

Ever wonder who is talking about you? Google Alerts are super simple to set up, and will send you an email as requested when key phrases are posted online. Thanks Granny Blick for the advice!

With "Add to Any" you can share any post or get subscribed to by readers. If you use it, I suggest going to "more options" and choosing the "no script (no drop-down menu)" option to avoid script errors or annoying mouseovers. Those of you who remember our script error problems on this blog directory a few months ago now know why.

The HTML Source is a wonderful site if you ever get lost in code!

IFB KJV Resources is a site I started to "park" free links I had found online that were IFB and KJV. I would love to hear about more links you might have favorited that you use often when blogging.


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Another free media/picture site (thanks Grammy Blick again!):

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Barbara, thanks for passing by Far Above Rubies. I love this blog. Great information.

Following you back. God bless you.