Do You Get Adequate Sleep?

Chris and I used to often go late night shopping and we couldn’t help but notice the amount of people up at past 10pm. Children, I also mean pajama clad toddlers, often being pulled along by impatient adults or sitting half asleep in shopping trolleys.

People are working longer hours to cater for late night shopping and families are having to accommodate this, often suffering from lack of quality family time together. The world certainly is spinning its world fast with little regard to the importance of getting adequate sleep.

Medical science is now telling us that sleep deprivation can cause many health problems including problems of concentration and judgment when driving a car. We cannot burn the candle at both ends and expect to do well during the day! Our bodies were created for rest. Our children need their sleep to grow properly and to process all their new experiences and learning during the day. We are now told that teenagers need just as much sleep as their younger siblings.

If healthy teens and children need adequate sleep to function properly, how much more those of us who suffer from chronic illness and pain? Surely it is most important for us to rest and to try to schedule in more sleep!

When I was seeing my rheumatologist for lupus/fibromyalgia problems, she told me that it is not an old-wives' tale that the hours of sleep prior to midnight are the most refreshing. Apparently, an hours' sleep prior to midnight is equal to 2 after. This goes on our circadian rhythm. She advised me to be asleep by 10pm at the latest every night and to make bedtime a regular time- and getting up.

We know that a lot of chronic illness and certainly chronic pain can result in lack of good quality sleep, so it is even more important that we try to regulate sleeping in order to work with and not against, circadian rhythm. So do as I now do, and plan a regular time for retiring each night and work out a routine that tells your body that it's time for lights out!

If your children are not used to having a nightly ritual or routine, may I suggest starting one? It may be difficult to initiate, but it would be well worth it. With the household quiet of an evening, it would be more conducive to strengthening your marriage and allowing for more togetherness. This would benefit everyone.

by Glenys Hicks of Morning Cuppas With Glenys

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