Have You Tried the New Blogger Templates?

I have been putting it off for about a week, even though every time I go in to change a setting or moderate a comment, I get an annoying pop up. Today I got an idea to add a budget meals menu (monthly) are to my Coupon Newbie blog, and the time was right. The new templates are really cool! There are so many choices! Between the new template styles, and all the backgrounds to customize, you have a lot to choose from. Amazingly I was able to find a piggy bank, which has been my theme image since I started this blog a few months ago.
One problem I did run into, which was irritating, was that fact that any HTML gadgets you add or edit now require titles. However, I found a very simple fix here, which did work perfectly. I thought I would pass the info on. Comment if you redo your blog so I can see your new layout!

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