Mission: Modesty (Part 1)

I know. You took one look at the title, made a distorted facial expression, and were half-tempted to close this page. But you’re still reading at this point, so we’re off to a good start.

I have been dealing personally with the issue of "skirts vs. pants" in my life. *gasp! Oh no she didn’t…!* Oh, yes I did. Stay with me though…

I have grown up wearing skirts and dresses all my life. However, I also argued and fought with my parents about it every step of the way. Because my parents standard wasn’t MY standard, I felt that it was being forced on me. Which, I suppose, in a way it was. But it was their house, their rules – my job was to simply obey.

“Fine! I’ll obey your rules now, because I have to, but one day I will wear pants… because I don’t share your same conviction.”
Mom would just look at me and smile while I continued my tirade. And when I’d finally stop rambling on about how I disagreed with her, she’d speak up: “Well, that’s a few years off yet, and when you have your own children maybe then you’ll understand the importance behind it. one day you’ll realize this is the right thing to do.”
In reply, I’d begin another outburst: “Mom! There’s nothing *wrong* with pants! They’re not sinful!”
She stopped arguing with me after awhile – she realized I wasn’t going to “get it” no matter what she said.

Eventually I became gutsy enough to hide pants in my parent’s house and wear them whenever I hung out with my “group of friends.” I’d change into pants in my car on the way to wherever I was going, and then I would change back into my skirt on the way home. After pants became a norm for me, I started progressing into other areas of dress. Skimpy shirts, mini skirts, shorts, dresses missing half the material on the top, and bikinis. I wore it all; I had no boundaries – well, very few.

After I was back in right relationship with the Lord, He began dealing with me about several issues. My modesty (i.e. clothing) being one of them. About a week and a half ago I bagged up 75% of the pants I owned and dropped them off at the Salvation Army. I was holding back about 3 or 4 pairs… “just in case.” The Tuesday following my Salvation Army drop-off run, I went to my church to practice with the trio I play the piano for. When I walked into the auditorium they were having a discussion about clothing… mainly the “pants vs. skirts” issue. Ironic, is it not? God was dealing with all three of those girls with the same exact issue (at the same exact time) that He was dealing with me about! Kirstyn and Kristina had been raised the same way I was. Kirstyn wore her first pair of pants once she got married. Kristina has always worn skirts. I rebelled against my parents, and thus wore pants when I shouldn’t have. Jessica was not raised the way we were, but since being married has adopted the “skirts only” standard for herself and now for her daughter.


Stay tuned for part two!

~ Heather Joy


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

This is something that I really didn't grow up with dealing with as I grew up primarily Southern Baptist. I praise God that now I am in an IFBKJV church and was convicted for a while and gave up my pants. :) I can even tell a difference in how people react - men opening doors at store etc.

JTR said...

Can't wait! The pants issue is not an issue I deal with a lot. I think it's a minor issue (don't major in the minors). I know a lot of good Christians who wear pants. For me, it is just a decision to be more modest and ladylike. Comments like "who wears the pants in the family", or the iconic symbol of a figure in pants on the bathroom door resonate with me. But go a step further - what are shorts but "short pants"? Some who wear culottes might be looked down on by others who are "skirt only". The key is not to judge others, but search your own heart. What is your motivation? How important is loose (or tight) clothing to you? How much of a platform does fashion have in your life? My daughters wear pants. I would prefer they did not, but their dad has no issue with it. As long as their conscience is clear before God, I will be happy. I know there are much more important issues I want to guide my daughters in. You can be dressed in a skirt and talk, walk, or sit immodestly. I hope one day they come to the point you did when you got older. I went through a similar process when I was about 17. I still struggle with the shorts/culottes issue, although I wear skirts 90% of the time. And don't even get me STARTED on "PANTyhose"! :)