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Allen Domelle has written many devotions we use here at, but this one was a special blessing to me today. He also just redid his website, take a look - it's looking great!

It Will Get Better
Job 3:2-3

“And Job spake, and said, Let the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said, There is a man child conceived.”

When you read the verses above, you can see that Job was overwhelmed with the tragedy that had smitten him. Put yourself in Job's shoes for a minute, and think about what you would feel like if everything that happened to him happened to you. Job lost his job, wealth, transportation, children, health, friends and wife. This is quite a bit of tragedy to hit one person at one time. I seriously doubt that there are too many people who have had all of this happen to them at one time.

In the verse above, we read Job's first response to everything that had happened to him. Job's first response was overwhelming despair. Notice that Job questioned why he was born. When you put yourself in Job's place, you can just about feel the overwhelming feeling of despair and disbelief that had taken him. Yet, when we read the remainder of the book, we learn that because Job did not give up, his end was better than he ever imagined.

Your first response to tragedy when it comes your way is very important. There are many who will read this devotional that are either in the midst of tragedy or have just had tragedy hit them. There are many who read this devotional that are just like Job and are overwhelmed with the tragedy that has come there way. Let me help you with some advice to get you through what you’re facing.

First of all, it is bad. I am not going to try and paint a pretty picture for your tragedy because all tragedy is bad. Though your tragedy may be bad, it is probably not as bad as you feel right now.

Secondly, don't react to your first feelings. When tragedy hits, you are normally in a tailspin and really don't know how to react. You must be careful not to react to your first feelings when tragedy hits because you are not in a good frame of mind to make decisions.

Thirdly, everything is not lost. Our reaction is to think that we don't have anything else for which to live, and this is totally untrue. You always have something for which to live, and you must not think that everything is lost. If you will look hard enough, you can find something for which you can live.

Next, God is still alive! Let me assure you, though you may doubt the existence of God at this time, He is still alive! God is alive and He knows what you are facing right now. In fact, God is concerned for you and will not allow more to be placed upon you than what you can bear.

Lastly, it will get better. When you read the end of the book of Job you realize that His end was better than he had ever imagined. I promise you, if you are saved it will get better. You will get through whatever you are facing right now and you must realize when you get through it that it will be better.

Don't despair when tragedy comes, it will get better. Just hang in there and you will find that the initial overwhelming feeling of tragedy will subside and life will eventually get better. It may seem bad right now, but it will get better.

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