Pastor, Have You Heard About Lamar Whittemore

In late September, of 2006, myself and two other men were holding a tent revival in Williston, North Dakota. During the meeting, I brought up the fact that Watertown, South Dakota needed a solid Independent Baptist Church. We began to pray and make plans to hold a series of meetings later on the next year. Lamar Whittemore's name was brought up in the conversation as I recall. (I still am uncovering the details of how God has put this together, but God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He?) The meeting was held as scheduled. Lamar preached in the meeting and later was able to move up to Watertown! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


Brother Lamar, and his wife Chastity are a tremendous blessing to be around. Lamar is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Watertown, SD. They are sent from Eastside Baptist Church of Greeneville, TN and are serving with Anchor Baptist Missions International.

In His Own Words...
"My name is Lamar Whittemore, and my wife is Chastity. I was reared under some of the greatest and godliest parents anyone could ever have. The Lord saved me at the age of six, and answered the call to preach at the age of fourteen. My wife was reared by a godly Mom, and sat under some great preaching as a member of Roanoke Baptist Church in Liberty, South Carolina. She was saved at the age of fourteen. God brought us together, and we were married in July of 1995. I was privileged to work on the mission field between high school and college. I attended college at Tabernacle Baptist College in Greenville, South Carolina; and graduated from there in 1996. After college I was the youth director at Tabernacle and worked on the radio.
The Lord opened the door for me to pastor United Baptist Church in Greeneville, TN in December of 1999. While pastoring, I was greatly blessed to continue my education, and graduate from Crown College in Powell, TN in 2006. We resigned the pastorate in September of 2006. In a way that only God could, He miraculously had someone mention South Dakota to me the very night I resigned United Baptist Church. I honestly had no intentions to pray about the need in South Dakota. But, the Holy Spirit would wake me up in the middle of the night praying for Watertown, South Dakota. After receiving advice to take a survey trip, we realized Watertown was where God wanted us. We did deputation for a year and a half, and moved to Watertown in May of 2008. We began having church in a couple's home the weekend we came to town. After seven months in their home, we started meeting at the Watertown Event Center on January 4th, 2009. Throughout these two years God has shown Himself mighty and true! It's hard to believe that we will be starting to have services in a church building January 2nd, 2011. To God Be The Glory!!!
God is definitely working here in Watertown. We are running between thirty-five and fourty in church. We also have a children's ministry on Thursday nights. Our high number has been forty-three children. We are praying God continues to work miracles, touch hearts, save souls, put homes back together, and bring glory to Himself. With our moving into a building, there are many needs. We need more songbooks, a church sign, tables and chairs to put in Sunday School Classrooms, sound system, etc. But, more than anything, we need laborers for the field. Please pray God will help us reach Watertown, the Great Plains States, and the World for His glory! I honestly believe God can reach the world from Watertown!!!"
Lamar's Burden...

There are approximately twenty-five thousand people in Watertown with forty-eight thousand people in Codington County. Our prayer is that God would send laborers to work here, and they can go out into smaller towns to reach them with the Gospel.

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Lamar's Cell Phone: 605-868-2214

Church Phone: 605-753-9609.
Harvest Baptist Church of Watertown, SD

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I fully endorse Lamar and Chastity Whittemore. He has been a good friend and I know that he loves the Lord! Pastors, I ask two things from you regarding Brother Whittemore. First, please give him a call or email him to let him know that you read this post about him. Encourage this brother... pray with Him! Secondly, ask the Lord to provide him with more monetary support for his endeavors! I am sure he would be grateful for any prayers and financial support that YOU could offer him.

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I'm an independent Baptist. The man sounds great to me. Doylene