New Year Resolutions

Thank you!
First, let me start by saying how thankful I am to have over 100 blogging members of When I started this website long ago, I had a hard time finding Christians who were doctrinally sound online. I started KJV Devos for a similar reason. Years ago, the only KJV devotions you could find were Spurgeon's! Now we have a number of good IFB men and women either posting, or who have given me permission to repost, devotions that only reference the KJV every day! I am always looking for more help in this endeavor.

A few months ago I merged several sites (the blog directory, the KJV devotions, quotes and quips, and IFBKJV sermons) into this one "mega site". If you have blogging friends who are IFB and KJV, please invite them to join us! It is free, and all I ask for is a linking button back. This site is ad free because I am not in it for personal financial gain, but I am in it for personal spiritual gain, and to spiritually benefit others as well. I would love to see more blogs join in 2011.

Let me take a moment here to invite those who link to us, or read us via Blogger or
our Facebook Page to become authors! Many of the people I ask to write or post articles express the opinion that what they have to say is not worth posting on On the main page you can post just about anything! Take a minute to read back through the older posts we have recently had, and you will find political opinion, YouTube links, interesting emails, quotes, thoughts, sermons, notes, devotions, recipes, graphic pictures with Scriptures, church planter biographies, poems, etc!

Please email, because can have up to 100 authors, and I know you all have valuable and interesting things to share here. I do ask that you add "Jump Breaks" for long articles (more than one page in length). There is an excellent article on how to add them here:

For 2011 I have two main resolutions.
One is to clean up old and dead links here. Sometimes this happens because people stop blogging. Sometimes they change their blog URL and forget to tell me. Sometimes they remove the linking button because their position doctrinally has changed. This week I will be going through and cleaning up the site. If your blog is missing, please let me know, and I will fix it immediately. Be sure your blog links back to us. I hope to add more blogs this year, and in fact, today I have added two! Welcome!

However, it is now 1:00, and my other resolution is to go to bed by 1:00am. So, even though I have only made it through checking the "A" blogs, I will have to continue this tomorrow. Goodnight, God bless, and happy blogging in 2011!

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PS. Just added a "Submitted Article Archives" to the sidebar where you can easily find all articles from all authors since 2008.