Tips For Pastors When Conducting A Deacons' Meeting

For as long as I have been saved, knowing who a Deacon and Pastor were, there have always been the jokes about the conflict that can arise between these two offices in the local, New Testament church. As we all know, this conflict does not need to be in the church. In fact, it can be avoided entirely! When I think of how sweet the meeting CAN be, when deacons and pastors meet together, I am reminded of Psalms 133:1.
 (Psalms 133:1) <<A Song of degrees of David.>> "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"  (KJV)
Listed below are 19 practical tips for pastors when conducting a Deacons' Meeting.

#1 - Have a written agenda and give each of the deacons a copy.

#2 - Plan the meeting carefully.

#3 - Be prepared to lead the meeting, Remember, leadership is priceless.

#4 - Use simple parliamentary rules.

#5 - Set a quorum of deacons to be present.

#6 - Do not come and ask, "What are we going to do?" Come with a plan.

#7 - Do not force issues.

#8 - Show proper respect for deacons.

#9 - Seek to build a consensus.

#10 - Listen carefully to the deacons. God has given them wisdom in areas that you may not have.

#11 - Do not allow railing.

#12 - Do not allow gossiping.

#13 - Keep everything within the walls of the meeting. Deacons should not even share with theirwives confidential matters discussed in the meeting.

#14 - Be open and above board with the deacons (and the church).

#15 - Go slow on difficult matters.

#16 - Do not be too far ahead of the deacons in your leadership.

#17 - Impart to them your vision.

#18 - Do not try to drive the deacons; lead them.

#19 - End the meeting on a high note.

These tips have been taken from the book A Manual For Young Pastors (And Older Ones Too) by Dr. Jim Phillips. Dr. Phillips has graciously given permission for The Working Pastor to use his material. Any quotes from here need to be given to Dr. Phillips. For those who would like a copy of this book simply contact Brother Phillips: Dr. Jim Phillips - 13 Darby Hill Lane Taylors, SC 29687 or call: 864-609-9431 The book is $17.00 and $3.00 S&H.

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