What People Are Saying About Roadmap Through Revelation

"The title of this book is perfect. Rick Schworer has not attempted to re-invent the wheel, or devise some dramatic "new" interpretation of the Book of Revelation; neither has he attempted to recapitulate all the traditional theological positions that have been taken through the centuries. Rather, he has given us a clear and practical guide to reading and understanding the one book of the Bible that most Christians are afraid to study. At the same time, he has presented a startlingly clear way of approaching and understanding the Book - - - a way that will be very new to many readers. This is not a commentary, or a literary soap opera; it's a very helpful roadmap for the highway through the future that God has provided in His word. Very helpful!"

William M., North Carolina

"This morning I finished this book written by Rick Schworer. It took me awhile to read this book, not because it is hard to read, as a matter of fact I found it very easy to read and very interesting, it is just with all that I have had going on, reading time has been at a premium.
That it was well written and put together it kept drawing me back to it. I have read many books on Revelation and found them informative, but they were hard to read because they were dry, wordy, or written on a level that seemed very scholarly. I found Rick's book worded in a way that made me want to know what he had to say next.
I have not seen the Book (Revelation) laid out the way Mr. Schworer has, and it helps me see things in the Book in a new light. I believe he has put much time and prayer into this book. Some things seem to come together that before, were a bit murky.
Did I agree with it all? I must be honest and say no, but there is nothing that I would - in my humble opinion (no way would I even think I am a Bible scholar) - consider to not recommending this book to anyone. If we all agreed on everything, then we would already be in heaven - for there will be no disagreement anymore.
I liked and enjoyed the idea of the roadmap, and it pulls things together.
With all that said, I do recommend it, to the serious student of the Book, and to the new inquirer who needs a guide in his study of the Revelation."

Pastor Jim Nicholson
Living Word Baptist Church
5700 Coors SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105

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