Bibles for Kenya

The following post is from some childhood friends of ours, I hope you read this post, and help if you can. Fred and Jessica Roberts

I would like to share an opportunity to help my friends, Denny and Angela Madory, to get Bibles, tracts and other much needed ministry materials/supplies to Kenya. They are independent Baptist missionaries sent out of Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Pastor Jason Gaddis. They are in the states on furlough now and plan to return to Kenya at the end of July. They have completely depleted their ministry supplies and need to replenish. Mrs. Angela created an event on facebook and I have copied the description here. Below that is information from Bro. Denny on where to send money if you would like to be involved in this worthwhile cause. I am excited to be a part of it and I hope that you will please get involved too! I know any amount will help! Mrs. Angela commented that if they could just get 200 people to give $50 each it would cover it or if everyone that was invited gave 20 we could have sent 2 containers by now! I hope you will consider it and pray that God will meet their need and then see if you can be a part of making that happen. If you would like to read more about the Madory’s and their ministry in Kenya their website is Last year God did some pretty amazing things in my life and made it possible for me to spend a month in Kenya with their family and I saw their ministry first hand. If you would like to read about my trip to Kenya my blog is

“Our ministry in Kenya has been given 3000 Bibles, 2 Million gospel tracts, several boxes of vacation bible school materials, sunday school curriculum, etc... Also, churches all over the U.S. have had "Happy meal toy drives” for kids in Kenya and we have containers full and ready to go. Someone donated a beautiful piano to our church in Kenya. Plus many other things for the work there in East Africa. We have been very blessed, BUT, now all of these wonderful materials will all be left here in America unless we can somehow raise the funds to ship them to Kenya.The cost to purchase the container and ship it to Kenya is 10,000 to 12,000 dollars. The container cost is roughly 3,800 dollars!When the container arrives in Kenya we will be converting it into a building to use at our church.Will you help??? Individuals,churches,etc... anyone can help! If you want to get involved in getting Bibles to Kenya contact us at: or for ways to help. We must ship the container no later than the first of July! Please post here anyway you might be able to help!We will keep everyone updated here as things progress! THANK YOU!

All donations and support should be mailed to our sending church which acts as our mission board/clearing house. Any checks should be written to: Southwest Baptist Church and then memo the check or attach a note designating to me or specifically such as Madory Container or Madory Sunday School Building, etc.

The mailing address is:
Southwest Baptist Church
Attn: Denny Madory
1300 SW 54th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
You can contact Denny or Angela or email me ( with any questions.

Thank you so much for the prayers and support. This ministry is very important to me and I’m glad for those who will have the opportunity to be blessed by being involved.


Bible Senders said...

I was talking with someone awhile back who sent a container to Kenya and the government seized it and will not release it. So One thing I would suggest is that people pray that when this container gets sent that God works in hearts and gives it safe passage to Kenya.

JTR said...

Good idea!