New Song of the Month, Lyrics

I've seen some trials,
I've shed some tears,
I've had some struggles,
And harbored some fears.
Yet, through the windy days,
The storms and the strife,
I've found just one way to hold on to life.

CH: Never let go of the Lord,
Never lose hold of His word,
Never stop praying,
Never stop saying His Name,
Never let go.

I've seen a brother pull up on the shore,
Weary from battle, with storm after storm.
And if you ask him what kept him alive,
He'll tell you there's only one way to survive.

Even in sunshine, when all skies are clear,
There is no telling what storms may be near.
So never stop praying,
Never stop saying His name.
Never let go. Never let go.

Never Let Go

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