Tracts - Some Amazing Numbers!

How important is it to distribute Gospel tracts as we go about our daily tasks around town? Many people are unsure if the results are worth the effort. We seldom hear of someone being saved from a tract we hand out and rarely hear of someone coming to church because a Gospel tract was given to them. Maybe we should take a closer look at what happens when we regularly and faithfully hand out tracts.

When we give someone a Gospel tract, we never know what they are going through or how God will use it in their life. Several years ago, I was flying from Atlanta to Detroit and seated beside me was a former football star for the University of Connecticut. We began talking, and I gave him a Gospel tract. He was going to Detroit to attend his grandmother’s funeral. He was thinking about eternity, and I had the opportunity to lead him to Christ. When you give someone a Gospel tract, it may be just the answer to a troubled heart or soul. We must keep that in mind when we go through our daily routines around town.

Distributing tracts, especially with your church information on them, makes your church better known. Dr. Bobby Roberson said, “Don’t just be the pastor of your church, but be the pastor of your community.” When an unchurched person has a spiritual problem and needs a pastor, the pastor of your church should be the first name that comes to his mind. This is more likely to happen if your church members pass out tracts everywhere they go.

If each of your church members consistently distributed tracts, your town could be completely saturated very quickly. If 100 people distributed only 5 Gospel tracts each day, then 182,500 Gospel tracts would be distributed in one year! All we need to do is consistently give a person a Gospel tract each time we pull out our wallet to pay for something.

The problem isn’t that we have no opportunities; the problem is that we are not making a conscious effort to distribute tracts on a regular basis. May we all make a commitment to this simple task as we live for Christ each day.

By Earl Jessup (published by permission) has these resources listed where you can obtain free tracts: Free Resources


Grammy Blick said...

Our church always has tracts available and I always have some in my purse. I look upon them as 'seeds' and I sow them. I exchanged one of ours with a young lady in Nassau, Bahamas -- we probably won't attend each other's churches, but we know we aren't alone. I've left them with tips (when you do, be generous!) My daughter goes me one (or several) better and has handed them out as she fills up her vehicle. Drop one on the doctor's table with the outdated magazines. Don't worry about getting more -- they are available!

JTR said...

That's great. I mean, obviously, the numbers are skewed - it would be easy the first few weeks, even months...but by month nine, finding a person you had not given a tract to already might be hard! But for thot!