10 Things You May Not Know about Your Pastor

1. Preparing a single sermon takes 8-12 hours or more. So, you see, he really does "work"! :-)

2. Unless he grew up in the town in which he pastors, he doesn't know your great Aunt Roberta's sister-in-law from her first marriage who now lives in Florida with her cat, Muffin. Likewise, he probably doesn't know where the Oak tree is that you used to climb on as a child, which is beside the road where he should turn to get to John Doe's house. (Names are fictional, please don't sue me.)

3. He isn't psychic. If you know someone who is sick or in the hospital, a phone call would be appreciated.

4. If he is a true man of God, he doesn't use his pulpit as a place to "get even". If he preaches on lying, it's because it's in the Bible, not because he knows you're doing it. To think such is to be paranoid. And under conviction by the Holy Spirit, who, by the way, knows you've been lying.

5. When he doesn't take one of your suggestions, it could be because he knows something about a particular situation that you do not know. Trust him.

6. He would be thrilled if you go forward during the invitation and get saved or get right with God (if you need to). He won't be angry, judgmental or condescending. Seeing people get saved or get right with the Lord is what he lives for. Do it. You'll be happy, he'll be happy. See? It's a win-win! :)

7. He wants people to come to church even more than you do.

8.  Gossip hurts.

9.  Gossip hurts.

10.Gossip hurts.

Posted by Valerie Basham

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