Well Done, Faithful Servants

Matthew 25:23 "His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant;"  Please pray for the Casias family. Missionaries for 29+ years, murdered Jan. 31, 2012, in Mexico. It will brings tears to your eyes, bless your soul, and make you wish you did more for Christ, when you read of person after person in their guest book they have served for God. http://casias.org/home.html

They came to our church (we support them) not too long ago, telling us of the serious problems in Mexico, and asking for prayer for their continued safety. Even though they knew it was dangerous to return, their love for God, manifested in their love for the people of Mexico, drew them to return to the field. Mrs. Wanda Casias' body (67) was found by her son, and Bro. John Casias (76) was missing, but soon found nearby, dead. We know their bodies may have remained here on earth, but they are in heaven tonight! They both died doing what they desired to do, serve the Lord faithfully. Thank God for faithful servants who bravely spend their lives in the service of Jesus Christ. Please sign their guest book with your condolences for the family. They leave ten children.

2 Corinthians 5:8 "We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord."

Let us remember to always pray for our missionaries and their work on the field! 1 Thessalonians 5:25 "Brethren, pray for us."

About the Casias (from their website): "John and Wanda Casias are Strong Bible Teachers. John believes the preaching of the Bible to be God's ordained means of pointing people to Christ and of spiritually maturing believers. We believe in Evangelistic Singing. Music with a Clear Message. The special music and congregational singing are unmistakably songs of praise to God and of His salvation through Jesus Christ. Our Churches Display Compassion for All; Genuinely Friendly Atmosphere. John and Wanda truly care, not just for the Mexican people, but about all the people. Their desire to be used of God, and to be a blessing to all those who God puts in their path. We believe all born-again Christians need to be Faithful to the Gospel. We stay Active in Outreach ministries. Our ministry extends throughout Mexico and throughout the world by supporting missionaries through the “La Primera Iglesia Bautista Fundamental e Independiente” in El Cercado, Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico. This is one of the first churches John and Wanda organized in the Republic of Mexico. (The First Independent Fundamental Baptist Church)."


JTR said...

ps. One of the comments on the guest book I mentioned: "Our lovely friends, example and mentor, but most of all our faithful prayer warriors, how bittersweet is this news! how often have I heard them say "if the Lord doesn't want me to have it, then I don't want it--down to the air I breathe." They meant it. While we are horrified, they are satisfied. While we grieve, they rejoice. They loved and were loved. They have received their inheritance and left a lasting legacy. Be comforted." What a testimony!

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

Look over the list of missionaries supported by your churches. Each one of them face trials and opportunities we cannot imagine while spreading the gospel according to God's word. Don't expect our offerings to be their only support! They need our prayers, daily. Learn their names, ask for their needs, send cards, letters, packages. Get to know your missionaries. These two blessed saints are home, safe with our Lord. Give their counterparts your praise and support while they are here.