Plant, Water, and Increase

Just a simple query for today....

I am not in line for the award for greatest witness but I do want to understand the correct way to witness. So, I offer the following for critique:

Do we dangle heaven as the bait during a witness, too much, instead of focusing on the real problem of sin? Gotta get them lost and to the realization that they are a sinner deserving of hell. Heaven, indeed, is the benefit. I need to learn how to be a better witness and learn that he Holy Spirit still has a ministry of conviction.

Hey, also, don't pick on those who are least trying to be a witness...Even if their method doesn't match yours.

D.L. Moody said he once spoke with a woman who didn't like his method of evangelism. "I don't really like mine all that much either. What's yours?" he asked. She replied that she didn't have one. Moody then said, "Then I like mine better than yours."

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JTR said...

:) Haha. Love it.