Train Them Up Tuesday~Let Us Pray!

As I am sitting here thinking about children in general and how precious they are, I do not know what to write except my own thoughts. I think of Jesus when He said: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ----- How often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings and ye would not!" Luke 13:34 No doubt Jesus heart was broken as He wept over His children that had no part of Him. I can see Him looking out over the city and seeing His children and knowing that they did not want what He had to offer.

So often, as children grow older and start making choices, we always take for granted that they will make the right choices in life. When they make the wrong choice we can see where it will lead and we cry out to God.

One wrong choice and downward they go until they don't want anything to do with the church or the principles that were instilled in them. They cast it all aside just for a time of pleasure. They drop Mom and Dad and don't want anything to do with them. Our hearts cry out, "Oh, child of mine, if only you knew how much you are loved, if only I could wrap my arms around you and you could see where you are headed."

Seems their life is one big party! If they could only see that nothing the world has to offer will satisfy~ but they keep seeking and getting farther away. That party leads to a life of alcohol and drugs. They find themselves involved in things that they never thought they would get into. Parent's hearts are broken but it doesn't seem to bother them one bit. They start finding other people to blame for their life of sin, not taking any responsibility for their actions. It seems we live in a world of the blame game. Always the other person wrong, never them. But someday that party will be over. All friends gone and they will be left alone with just them and God.

What do we do as they go further and further out? Do we have a responsibility to them? Yes, we have done what we could and now all we can do is pray that the Lord will put His Great Big Arms around them and do what He has to do to get their attention. What if it reflects on us as parents? Just keep praying and be willing to be a stepping stone for them to lead them back to God if that's what it takes.

Have you ever heard preachers say from the pulpit that if parents do their part that child will follow what he or she was taught? A number of years back a preacher that we love dearly made that remark. But it wasn't too long down the road that he got up weeping and said he was wrong. You see, it is different now. His child is the prodigal! I really appreciated him being so humble about it. But he knew from that day on what parents go through sometimes and that what happened was not his fault. He could sympathize!

Sometimes the Lord permits thing to come in our life so we can really know and feel what others feel. We can sympathize because we have been there.

I guess I am just rambling now, but what I am trying to say is not coming out right. We do have a prodigal. Our heart aches and longs to take that child and love and protect and take all the hurts and pains for them. But they made the wrong choices in life, not us. I know that all we can to is pray and depend upon the Lord to do what we cannot do.

Do you have a prodigal? Let's agree together to pray for each other and that love one that has lost his/her way. I know we serve a God that is able. He ached over his children! He wanted to get them under His wings! He even died on the cross for His lost children. But that is not the greatest part! He arose from that grave and is in heaven right now making intercession for each of His lost children. That gives me hope.

Kindly provided by Aliene here.

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