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If you sent me an email in the last ten days, you may want to send it again.  I am still catching up with the many emails I get due to all my blogs, and don't want to miss yours.  I was at the Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster, CA.  The conference was a blessing, and I came away rejuvenated with a lot of ideas and motivated to serve in my ministries more.  One thing I really like about Lancaster Baptist Church, is that they share their resources so freely.  I have used some of the articles from Ministry127 here as well as Pastor Chappell's devotions on the Devos side of IFBKJV.com.

They are in the process of loading all the workshops, so you can download them for free online!  There are tracks for pastors, assistants, pastor wives, ladies, men, choir directors, educators, teens, etc.  I really think it is wonderful how they freely share these and many ministry helps at no cost.  They stay connected and properly use the internet as a tool.  Even on YouTube, I find that most of the songs I go looking for there are uploaded by someone at Lancaster Baptist Church.

Here is the link to download the workshops and sermons, and a list of all available workshops to date.  You can even download the notebook we used in class for all the workshops.  If you only have time to listen to one now, the one I most enjoyed from the ones I heard was Sam Davidson's sermon on Tuesday night - AMEN!  http://www.strivingtogether.com/pages/Spiritual-Leadership-Conference-Downloads.html

Sunday Morning—Sam Davison
Sunday Evening—Mike Norris
Monday Evening—Pastor Paul Chappell
Tuesday Morning—R.B. Ouellette
Tuesday Evening—Sam Davison
Wednesday Morning—Bobby Roberson
Wednesday Evening—Don Sisk

Pastors and Missionaries
Learning to Pray—Dan Reed
Instilling Biblical Principles in Your Local Church—John Goetsch
Will Ye Also Go Away?—John Goetsch
Finding God's Grace in Trials—Max Barton
Maintaining Joy through Seasons of Ministry—Jim Schettler
The Heart of God for Missions—Wayne Sehmish
Mentoring Young Men in Ministry—Dave Hardy
The Pastor's Family—John Wilkerson
Encouraging Fellow Pastors—Kevin Folger
Preparing for a Revival Meeting—Lou Rossi
Raising Your Family and Leading the Church—Dave Teis
Having a Resilient Spirit in Ministry—Frank Gagliano
Missionary and National Pastor Relationships—Sogoro Ogawa
Transferring God's Vision to Your Church Family—Alan Fong
How to Stay in Ministry All Your Life—Don Sisk

Unusual Increase—Doug Fisher
Leading the Building Program—Mike Norris
Balancing Family Life and Ministry on the Field—J.B. Godfrey
Reaching and Keeping People in Your Local Church—Mark Rasmussen

Assistant Pastors
Life Transformation through the Bus Ministry—Billy Willis
Analyzing and Cultivating Church Health—Tim Christoson
Developing an Organized Life—Cary Schmidt
Being a Team Player on a Growing Staff—Rick Houk
Remaining Teachable as a Leader—Dane Keely
Establishing a Ministry to the Deaf—Rick Allen
Encouraging Others around You—Rick Houk
Capturing and Projecting the Pastor's Vision—Cary Schmidt

Church Planters
The Administration of a New Church—Scott Wendal
The High Cost of Church Planting—Mark Irmler
The First Year of a New Church—Dwight Tomlinson
Before Your First Sunday—Stephen Chappell
The Faith in Planting a Church—Dean Herring

Conducting a Large-Scale Doorknocking Campaign—Jerry Ferrso
Ideas for Creatively Reaching Your Community—Jerry Ferrso
The Art of Fruitful Follow Up—Jerry Ferrso

Pastors' Wives
The Spirit Filled Woman—Kathy Houk
Becoming Steadfast by God's Grace—Suza Rasmussen
Women Being Used of God—Terrie Chappell
Senior Pastors Wives Luncheon: "Sweet, Sweet Spirit"—Terrie Chappell
The Blessings of Serving the Lord in Ministry—Virginia Sisk
Mentoring Godly Ladies—Kathy Houk

Church Administration
Seven Financial Practices to Protect Your Church—Ben Hobbs
Fulfilling the Human Resources Needs of the Staff—Tim Christoson
Principles for Church Construction—Tim Christoson
Handling the Offerings with Care—Ben Hobbs

Secretarial and Support Staff
Bringing Order to the Pastor's Office—Bonnie Ferrso
Establishing Personnel Policies—Deirdre Finn
Establishing Checkpoints in Ministry—Denise Wells
Managing Multiple Projects with Joy—Lisa Stoner
The Art of Follow Through—Tammy Schellenberg
How to Have a Productive Work Week—Joy Keely

Adult Ministry and Discipleship
Discipling Young Families in God's Grace—Reggie Williams
Single Adult Ministry—Tim Rasmussen
Structuring and Leading an Adult Bible Class—Jerry Ferrso
Structuring a One-on-One Discipleship Program—Tim Christoson

Student Ministry Leaders
Helping Youth Enjoy the Christian Life—Mike Ray
Developing Effective Ministry to Parents—Cary Schmidt
Youth Leaders Forum—Cary Schmidt
Developing an Annual Student Ministry Planner—Larry Chappell
Developing a Public School Bible Club Ministry—Larry Chappell
Training Effective Youth Workers—Cary Schmidt

How to Develop Your Potential for God—Daniel Hopkins
Life Priorities for a Christian Young Man—Larry Chappell
The Future Now—John Goetsch
Ten Reasons to Consider Bible College for Your Future—Mark Rasmussen
Capturing God's Vision for Your Life—Jeremy Whitman
How to Prepare for Bible College—Peter Mordh

Children's Ministry
Helping Young Mothers Grow in the Lord—Julie Hanna
Developing a Children's Ministry Team—Billy Willis
Hosting an Effective VBS Week—Billy Willis
Legal Precautions for Children's Ministry—Billy Willis
Maximizing Your Children's Sunday School Curriculum—Billy Willis
Enlisting, Equipping, and Encouraging Nursery Workers—Julie Hanna

Christian Educators
Leading Others to God's Agenda for Their Lives—Mark Rasmussen
Measuring Academic Growth—Jerry Goddard
Helping Students to Love Learning—Ken Jones
Developing Synergy Between Your Church and School Ministry—Manuel Salazar
The Priorities of Christian School Development—Manuel Salazar
Training and Equipping Your School Staff—Manuel Salazar

Music Ministry
Building Excellent Ensembles—Jon Guy
An Effective Saturday Service Rehearsal—Jon Guy
Creative Ideas for the Church Pianist—Shelly Hamilton
The Basics of Congregational Song Leading—Les Wall
Effectively Leading a Worship Service—Cary Schmidt
Inspiring Your Kids to Sing—Ron Hamilton
Taking Your Church Music to the Next Level—Ron Hamilton
Creating an Annual Music Ministry Planner—Jon Guy
Finding an Using Great Music—Jon Guy

Media and Technology
Affordable Solutions for Ministry Technologies—Anthony King
Taking Your PowerPoint to the Next Level—Andrew Jones
Securing Your Church Network—Anthony King
Building and Leading a Media Ministry Team—Jeremy Lofgren
Understanding Web 2.0 and What it Means for Ministry—Jeremy Lofgren
Live Streaming Your Church Services—Larry Chappell

The High Price of Bible Neglect—Dana Schmidt
Navigating Life Transitions by God's Grace—Debbie Goddard
The Daily Disciplines of the Christian Home—Ginna Dunwoody
Nurturing Ladies in Faithfulness—Nicole Christoson
Understanding the Unique Needs of Single Ladies—Angela Wall
Visitation and Care Giving—Joyce Jones
Dealing with Difficult People—Sheryl Williams
Doing Spiritual Battle for Your Children—Angela Wall
Biblical Principles for Counseling Ladies—Sherry Marquez

Shew Thyself a Man—Eldon Martens
Developing a Servant's Heart—Tim Butterfield
Leadership in the Family—Bryan Samms
The Helpful Baptist Deacon—Dave McCollum
Leading the Usher Ministry—John Alvarez
A Guide to Studying the Bible—Mike Lester
Becoming a Biblical Husband—Toby Weaver
Get the links to download these at http://www.strivingtogether.com/pages/Spiritual-Leadership-Conference-Downloads.html

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